Antina's Spookhouse is a spectacular highly haunted, doomy gloomy, weirdos queerdos Drag Show, hosted the Berlin goth icon, Antina Christ.

Antina Christ is the witchy enby alien from Outer Space who causes nightmares and joy all at once. The femme fatale of DarkWave is known for quirky and weird shows that includes blood, camp, gothy queerfeminism and sprinkles of macabre humor

The Spookhouse with serve you twisted ghoulish glamour, drag from the underground, masc4mascara, PunkFemmeEnergy, deadly Kings, icecold Empressies, the synthetic darkness of the 80s and today, a silly filthy quiz, a ghoulish fashion show and drag drag drag!


Get ready for a wavy evening with ooky drag!

Music for the night:

new/cold/dark/minimal wave, 80s, EBM, electro/synth punk, synthpop