Biography: Vivienne Lovecraft

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight. Vivienne Lovecraft is Berlin's self-proclaimed moonlight princess. She loves Anime, Drag and for you to join the eternal quest for equality and equity. Vivienne is a Drag Artist, Host, Curator, DJ and bad at writing her artist bio. Host of "Slaysians" and "Magical Girls" at Tipsy Bear, which you can read more about below :)

A colorful, pink and purple graphic for the Slaysians drag show by Vivienne Lovecraft

Slaysians is not just a beautiful Drag Show but also an evening for people of Asian descent to feel safe and seen in Berlin. We’re here to slay, stay and lay out a path for a bright future of inclusiveness and acceptance. Slaysians features not only stunning and iconic Drag Artists but all art forms of queer, Asian people in Berlin and Germany. Come for the show and stay for the warm and glittery energy we have in store for you!

Otakus, Weeaboos and Crunchy-Rolls-trial-subscribers you are welcome to watch the newest episode of Magical Girls, the Anime inspired Drag Show of Berlin live on our stage. We celebrate all genres of Anime but who doesn’t want to see the transformative power of a magical girl being fully realized on stage? Get into your most kawaii outfit or favorite cosplay and join us for a grand show and dance to anime openings and 90s music afterwards!


Events with Vivienne Lovecraft

Open from 18:00 all week | Happy Hour: 18:00-19:30