The Darvish's Biography

The Darvish, (IG: @thedarvishofficial) is a Non-binary Syrian selftought Dancer, Cultural events and performance parties organiser. After immigrating to Berlin, Germany in 2016 Darvish started exploring more and more with gender identities and artistic expressions and more so, questioning the relationship between social boundaries and performance Art.

Their persona was portrayed at local and international Articles and Magazines such as: Reuters, DW World, BBC World and many others.

They're the Co-author of "ZUGZWÄNGE" Anthology Book which handles the stories of a group of activists, refugees, artists community changers and writers and their own life experiences, currently Writing an inclusive educational children's story book.

Their main passion lies in two major events :

Yalla Hafla, a show celebrating the Mediterranean cultures and sounds, where you indulge in Arabic, Hebrew, English and many other languages and dialects to give the visibility and space to thier heritage to shine, working with Drag Artist Judy ladivina on yalla Hafla since 2018 in attempt of breaking the stigma on refugees, Arabs and Jews.

The Second major passion is Co-hosting & Co-organizing Berlin's biggest solidarity party with Trans/queer Refugees: Queens Against Borders (@queensxborders).

Queens Against Borders was founded by drag artist Olympia Bukkakis and Darvish joined the team in 2018.

Darvish is a Bellydance and movement Workshop Facilitator empowering all types of bodies through their experience and methods. Adding recently to their line of Activism-work that varies from NGO campaigns for LGBTQIA+ Rights, to on Ground Actions demanding Equality and Safety, the Co-organizing of QTIBIPOC United* Pride March & the trans day of Remembrance with various workshops and trans identities celebration KIKI ball in Berlin in 2021, Darvish worked with ARTE tv & BBC and  is a jury member of Porn Film Festival Vienna, World of Orient German Bellydance Festival, whole festival (inclusivity) soli Program and award winner of Tag der klubkultur of Club Commission 

Yalla Hafla

Yalla Hafla ( let’s party ) is a monthly celebration of Mediterranean sounds and culture.

Hosted and produced by the drag phenomenon Judy Ladivina and the belly dance sensation The Darvish, the show premiered in 2017 and ever since has grown to be one of the loudest demonstrations of love and coexistence, offering a safe space for queer Arabs and Jews.

It was a night of sweat and dancing in one of Berlin’s clubs that brought The Darvish and Judy to meet on the dance floor and immediately connect through the power of dance.

Their history, of growing in different sides of a political and religious conflict, was not an obstacle to this collaboration. In fact, it gave the duo a sense of purpose and meaningful communication with their audience.

The show is performed exclusively in Arabic and Hebrew and is running successfully on a monthly basis since started.

The message is love, the way is to celebrate each other. Realizing that at the end of the day, we are much more alike than different and we all deserve peace and safety.

When politicians make war, we want to create a space for connection through music and party.

Our Hafla is our riot!

Events with The Darvish

Open from 18:00 all week | Happy Hour: 18:00-19:30