Biography: Lolita VaVoom

Lolita Va Voom is an internationally touring burlesque performer, producer, and teacher. She has been seen on stages across the world, from San Francisco to Stockholm and many places in between. She has enjoyed bringing her unique brand of high octane dance based burlesque to audiences across the world, including at the Stockholm Burlesque Festival, headlining Frankfurt’s Jewish Culture Weeks, and in Taylor Mac’s 24 Decade History of Popular Music. She produces Jews! Jews! Jews!, a queer Jewish cabaret, the only of its kind in Europe, as well as (st)Rip it Off, a queer Neo burlesque show, and Panty, a party for FLINTA, all in Berlin. She also helps to foster a new age of diverse burlesque performers as the owner of the Shimmy Shake School for Burlesque in Berlin.


(St)Rip it Off! is a celebration of the queer art of burlesque and it’s past, present, and future. Burlesque has its roots in queer performance, Sex Work, and labor rights activism, and (st)Rip it Off explores the intersection of burlesque’s history by presenting local and international artists bringing new, old, and weird burlesque performances to the Tipsy Bear stage. Come (st)Rip off the notions of what burlesque has been and explore a new realm of this art with us!

Events with Lolita VaVoom

Open from 18:00 all week | Happy Hour: 18:00-19:30