Lady Dina


Our resident singing Queen, The host of DIVA KARAOKE, come unleash your Inner Superstar every second Thursday. With special performances from Dina that will sure get you pumped to show your own talents. Keep an eye out on tipsy's events for more performances in 2022. Dina is a Professional Singer/Songwriter in and outta drag. Proud to be releasing music independently and working exclusively with Universal publishing. Check out the songs here and support independent queer artists.

Lady Dina stands on stage holding a microphone, with pink and blue lights cast upon her, and a cheeky smile spread across her face.

Lady Dina is the host of HOLY KARAOKE, a bi-weekly karaoke night hosted by the absolutely fabulous Lady Dina. Come unleash your inner superstar, and embrace your chance to shine on stage! Karaoke takes place at Tipsy Bear every Thursday, on a rotating schedule between Diva Karaoke and Holy Karaoke.

Events with Lady Dina

Open from 18:00 all week | Happy Hour: 18:00-19:30