Foxglove, looking glamorous, is wearing a tight black velvet dress, black gloves, sparkly jewellery and a curly orange wig. They are lounging on bright orange theatre seats and glancing off into the distance.

Foxglove's Biography

Foxglove is a Berlin born and raised, nonbinary Drag artist.

An illustration of two tattooed purple figures on a light green background surrounded by black pencil doodles. One of the figures resembles Foxglove in Drag, the other has short funky hair, piercing eyes and full lips. Their unnaturally long arms are outstretched in a squiggly fashion, framing the white writing in the centre spelling out “Every first Wednesday of the month. Siblinx: A Night of FLINT* Fun. Starts at 20.00. Tipsy Bear.”

Siblinx started out as a FLINTA*-community space at Tipsy Bear in July 2020 and has since grown into a monthly open mic night hosted by co-founder Foxglove and Lau Klinger.
Bring your words, your €10 ukulele, your triangle, your stories and your interpretative dance routines! This is a night for FLINTA* people to shine and be celebrated

What is FLINTA*?
FLINTA* is a German-language acronym which stands for women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender people. It encompasses people of marginalised genders, who experience exclusion, harassment or other forms of discrimination in both mainstream and queer spaces.

**Please note that, though this event centres FLINTA* people and the open mic is just for FLINTA* folks, this is not an exclusively FLINTA* event. Respectful allies are also welcome to come and offer their support.


Events with Foxglove

Open from 18:00 all week | Happy Hour: 18:00-19:30