Eddy Entropy's Biography

Eddy Entropy is a transfem embodiment of multiplicity and an estrogen-ridden enzymatic faerie, intent on making chemicals react and increasing the chaos of the cosmos evermore. She's also a messy b*tch who lives for drama. In her artistic work, Eddy’s greatest intentions are to hold space for herself and her emotions unashamedly, and to create space for trans people, generally, to be seen, heard, and humanized. She attempts this through storytelling practices that include lip syncing, spoken word poetry, vocalizations, and performance art.

A biohazard and transgender symbol intersect into one, metallic symbol over the top of a leather background, with green and pink lighting glowing off the leather. It reads “House of Bodily Fluids” in a futuristic font next to the symbol.

House of Bodily Fluids is a trans-centered space for presence and performance, founded by Eddy Entropy in March of 2022. Featuring a range of programming from drag shows to live kink performances to trans performance art and rituals, House of Bodily Fluids is at its core a community space made BY and FOR trans people, though ALL people are welcome. It is also a kink-enthusiastic space, pervaded with rituals of presence and consent that ensure the safety of erotic embodiment. If you ever come to one of these events, we ask that you please attend with kindness, mindfulness, and respect toward the gravity of the space.

Events with Eddy Entropy

Open from 18:00 all week | Happy Hour: 18:00-19:30