Buba Sababa is standing showing his muscled chest out while wearing a white flowy fabric around the arms making them look like wings. With charming eyes and wild ginger hair, he leads you to dreamy creature between man, bird and lion.

Buba Sababa's Biography

Buba Sababa is one of Berlin’s most prolific drag kings, the reigning King of Kreuzberg of the 2021 Mx. Kotti drag pageant. As a member of the Venus Boys Collective he is one of the leaders of Berlin’s Drag King Revolution. He produces shows all over Berlin and has made a name for himself facilitating community workshops for up and coming Drag Kings, and letting new King performers take their first steps on his tage at his monthly show „König“. He is a chameleon of performance, cabaret, fire performer, host and theatre, as well as a gifted costume designer, producer and teacher.

 König takes place at Tipsy Bear every third Sunday and Monday of the month, for a two-show run!


At each show, two baby kings and quings perform for the first time on stage with the expert performer, Buba Sababa. It is your job to come, cheer, and celebrate them! A #show celebrating drag kings in the format of drag theater, with a new theme each time that connects all the performers to one storyline, and interactive games for you, the audience, to enjoy!
The project is now funded by "Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung," giving the opportunity for the baby performers to get free workshops from queer expert drag artists in the community.

So join us at König to take part in the Drag King and Quing Revolution, every third Friday of the month!

Events with Buba Sababa

Open from 18:00 all week | Happy Hour: 18:00-19:30